Selling is Everything

A friend— more like mentor I guess— who later became an investor in Project Foundry, would in so many of our conversations sing the chorus of a favorite saying... cash is king.  He is a CFO-type once with TransAmerica Bank Corporate, so his although his experience is less sales oriented, the point stuck and this simple refrain has echoed in many times during the troughs of the sales process. I was reminded of this point after reading Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Jeffrey Carter's post titled, 'Sales is Everything.' 

I've had the good fortune of selling something I'm passionate about, which makes the whole selling process easier and managing the mental game of the sales funnel more manageable.  Piggy-backing off of Jeffery's post, I wanted to capture some of the other learnings I've had related to selling since I've realized I've not, until now organized some of the tenants that have been helpful for my successes.

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